Travel destinations for Europe

Your next romantic getaway, a trip just to escape the routine, take advantage of a bridge to discover and relax, to disconnect or even for your Economic honeymoon Destinations. Europe offers endless possibilities for all budgets, tastes and hobbies.

In the case of married couples, honeymoon travel is usually one of the most expensive investments of a wedding. That is why many couples opt for cheap, close and have a special charm. Whether it is your case or if you want to break the routine for a few days today we talk about how to organize a trip without spending a lot of money.

Travel destinations for Europe

1. Plan your trip in advance: A cheap trip can not be planned at the last moment. It is imperative that different destinations and different offers are valued. Keep in mind that most of the offers are offered for reservations in advance. On the other hand it is very useful to know that traveling during the week always comes cheaper than the weekend.
2. In the case of honeymoons, organizing it in low season can save you a lot of money: Planning an economic honeymoon involves sacrificing some details. If you get married in the months of January to May, take advantage of the low season offered by many destinations in Europe. Of course this is not the same travel in March as in July ...
3- Consider a nearby destination: It is not necessary to travel to a lost island in the middle of the ocean to enjoy a romantic getaway, an exceptional honeymoon ... More distant trips involve a higher cost in many cases. Destinations where you can access by car or train are usually cheaper than destinations with distant flights.
4- Forget about 5 star hotels: When it comes to planning accommodation it is very important to discard 5 star hotels. Luxury hotels often subtract a lot of budget money. Try to find less luxurious hotels or look for apartments. One of the main advantages of staying in an apartment is to be able to prepare something to eat or something to dine yourselves!
5. Compare: It is very important that you compare both offers and accommodations.

Which destinations are most recommended?

In ACMN we have spoken several times of European destinations with charm, those that stand out during the cold months and conversely, those that are more enchanting in autumn, the cheaper ones or the more curious ones. You can consult them in our travel section. As we mentioned before, the most economical destinations are usually the closest cities. To enjoy a getaway or a few days, even a honeymoon, it is not necessary to make great trips and spend a fortune. During your stay the important thing is that you enjoy and disconnect.

Spain: an economic choice may be some of the destinations within Spain. The Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the North of Spain have much to offer. They are wonderful destinations, very economical in low season and for that reason ideal for a cheap honeymoon.
Paris: the city of love and lights. This city offers everything you can look for in a trip. Culture, Architecture and History, it has everything and is ideal to enjoy it as a couple. Although the accommodation in Paris may be a little higher, the airlines offer a lot of offer that make your trip can really get you affordable.
Rome: one of the most photographed cities of the moment. We all know its famous monuments like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican. Rome inspires history and romance. Apart from all the culture and monuments that we can enjoy in this city, the Italian gastronomy is excellent. Taste a good homemade pasta dish with a glass of wine, a sunny day on one of the terraces is priceless.


Bruges and Ghent: They are two of the most beautiful and charming cities in Belgium. Visiting Bruges and Ghent is like experiencing a journey back in time and back to medieval times. These cities are perfectly connected with trains to Brussels where you can travel around the country but where you can also link a trip to Amsterdam for example.
Vienna, Prague and Budapest: a classic and perfect to combine with each other thanks to its short distance. They are fascinating cities, full of culture and very romantic.